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“Provide me with contact details of 3 established importers of high end foreign foods into India”

AB, Lancaster small jam manufacturer


“How much would it cost to employ a delivery driver in Mumbai?”

DE, London logistics start up 


“Which top Indian landscape architects working on major projects can we approach for feedback on our product?

JW, Exeter solar lighting manufacturer


“I have some obsolete agricultural machinery on my farm.  Is there a market for used agricultural equipment in India?”

HC, Essex Farmer


“We have a great, innovative product which we think has applications for India. What can we do next?

MS, Huddersfield engineering company


“I have been told that there are no locally produced substitutes for Ford Transit vans in India…is that correct?”

JB, London storage company


“I was told Loake shoes are manufactured in India…can you tell me which company is doing this, along with a list of other top shoe manufacturers in India?

AM, Brighton online clothing start up


“We produce organic chocolate. What do we need to consider if we want to sell our products in India?”

AC, Warrington artisan chocolate company


“What competition/products exist in India for high end children’s playground equipment?”

BL, Cumbria Playground equipment manufacturer


We are an established Belgian business looking to expand into India-what is the process to start a business in India?

JC, Antwerp energy efficiency services


Can you help us set up an office in India?

DR, Ipswich construction products


What are the main challenges in exporting food products to India?

BN, Norwich food manufacturer


What are the opportunities for UK businesses in India’s smart cities?

RGC, London architect firm


I need a trusted local partner inthe building industry to help launch our product in India

LR, London clean technology



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Tradestep is a London based company serving ambitious European businesses wanting to access the enormous, exciting opportunities in India.

Our clients gain specific insights, concrete actions and valuable contacts which can only come from bright local people with an intrinsic understanding of how things work. What's more, we supply this information for free.

Everyone at Tradestep is united in a single belief: success in India comes by learning from multiple small actions to direct your future thinking and activity.



Rather than simply talking about expanding your business overseas, Tradestep’s solution gives you a way to immediately progress your India market entry plans. 

Maybe you are lacking specific market insight to expand your business to India. Perhaps you want to know how to open a local Indian office and help with recruitment. You might simply want to find some trusted local Indian partners .

Simply input your question, query or task onto the platform here. Our network of proactive, bright, Indian business partners will get to work for you. They know the ins and outs of doing business in India. 

You will then receive a short document containing relevant local insight, potential partners and tangible next steps which creates momentum for your plans. 

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