What are people saying?

We offered evhop at Maximise because a great attendee experience is key for us as an organiser.  Making it live was effortless and delegates loved it.  I am a huge fan.”

Angela, Organiser (Maximise)


“A friend visiting The Business Show used evhop to send me an exhibitor profile.  I had not even heard of the event but I ended up going-and found a new supplier there!”

Rob, Delegate (The Business Show)


“I loved that Maximise made evhop live at their event.  It really helps delegates do business-which is why you are attending in the first place.”

Sarah, Delegate (Maximise)


“Evhop provides an additional way for a prospect to interact with us.  That must be a good thing.  Any interaction increases our chances of a sale- which is why we are there.”

Iain, Exhibitor (Employee Benefits Live)


“Brilliant!  Evhop really helped me get more from the show.  I used it to make notes on the speakers and quickly connect with exhibitors I met.”

Carla, Delegate (Employee Benefits Live)


“Making sure I follow up after events can be a problem.  Evhop really helped me.  So simple, and all my notes and contacts in one place means it was easy to remember and write emails.”

Jen, Delegate (Maximise)