Evhop for Event Organisers

What is evhop?

Visitors to expos, conferences and trade shows expect a lot from the events they attend.  Evhop is a brand new app to help them get more from attending.  It is free for them and they download it from the App or Play Stores.

Why do visitors like using evhop?

All their notes, ideas and new contacts from the event are saved in one place.  This makes following up leads and getting business done easier.

Why should an organiser offer evhop at their event?

The core objective for people at events is to do more business.  Evhop is a clever tool for attendees to capture leads, remember conversations and take notes at the event.  This makes it easy-and more likely- that the post event phone calls and emails actually happen.

How does evhop make visitors feel valued at your event?

Evhop is a modern, user centric technology solution for your attendees.  It visibly demonstrates an organiser’s commitment to enhancing their experience of the event.

What is involved in making evhop live for my event?

Virtually nothing!  Depending on the complexity of your event, and the numbers of exhibitors and speakers, we can be live in less than 72 hours.  All you need to do is promote downloading evhop to your attendees.

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